Janet Skrzypek 

Janet Skrzypek LPN, AAS, CPC As Health Intake Supervisor at Corporate Care Management, Janet supervises the Health Intake team. The Intake team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced customer service representatives whose primary function is to assist providers through the pre-authorization process.  One of CCM’s key performance measures is call answer time.  Although we always strive for 100%, our minimum goal is to maintain an incoming call pick up rate of 97% in 1 minute or less. CCM’s Health Intake Coordinators are evaluated on this departmental goal as one of several metrics on their annual performance appraisals.  Janet is proud to lead a top notch team that consistently meets this goal.


Janet came to CCM in 2010 as a Nurse Care Coordinator after 20 years of experience in Medical Review, Medical Policy and Provider Education with the NYS Medicare Part B Contractor. Janet is a member of CCM’s Quality Management Committee and also holds the following degrees and certifications:

∙ Associate of Applied Science in Business (AAS)

∙ Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

∙ Certified Professional Coder (CPC)









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