You may have received a card or a letter reminding you about one or more important cancer screenings. If you received one of these letters, it means that you may be missing a screening test that could save your life.

We use claims data to tell us what screenings you may be missing. The lack of a claim for a screening test within a certain amount of time triggers a letter to you.

You will continue to receive these letters as long are you are active with your plan and you have not had the test. If you do not want to be a part of this program, you may call us at (1-800-541-7403 ext. 319) to opt-out. We hope that you will not opt-out and use these letters as a reminder to talk to your doctor about being screened and staying healthy.

This program has encouraged thousands of members to be screened. During 2016, 775 members were found to have cancer or pre-cancerous conditions after being prompted by our reminders.



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